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New Eden City

New to New Eden? Welcome! Please see our FAQ!

Quick Links

Today's Date: NESC

Java & Bedrock Minecraft Server: 1.20.4

Global Market List:


Train Map: File:NewEdenTrainNetworkMap.png

Command Reference: LeighBoy reference

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New Eden is an evolving world using Minecraft as a base platform. This wiki chronicles the lore, adventures, and locations of New Eden from an in-game perspective. For a meta description and player conduct requirements, see the New Eden Minecraft Network page.

Are you interested in finding your way around the Web Worlds? Dynmap is a quick way to get orientated.

Do you like reading lore? This category contains articles with lore entries.

LEIGH&CO Art Grants

To qualify, builds must meet quality / aesthetic / size standards. See areas for existing builds which are representative. Inquire for details.

  • Paying M25k for small ships / flying cars to go in the sky of New Eden City, about 20x10 in size. Cyberpunk / anime / steampunk / fantasy acceptable. See sky above New Eden City.
  • Paying M10k for construction features (fences, water fountains, statues, bridges). Small/medium scale only. See design center in New Eden City.
  • Paying M25k for room interiors for the design center. 1, 2, or 3 walls. About 10x10 or 10x20. See design center in New Eden City.
  • Paying M50k for suburban style homes at Broadmoore. Lots are 32x32 or 16x32. Must include interior.


  • A Sniffer is born at the Dragon Cult Keep, it's name is Snoofel!
    The First Sniffer
  • First Archeological Dig Site found at -37685, 18119 by M&M Explorers Inc.
  • An ancient city has been located at -29812,2410.
  • LEIGH&CO opens Station 30, located at -30000,100 on the Purple line.
  • 1.19. World border extended to 30k.
  • Y2S4C15: Powered Flight now requires popped chorus fruit instead of raw chorus fruit!
  • Y2S4C10: LEIGH&CO now offering new build / artistic grants.
  • Y2S4C10: CaptainOHair opens an XP bottle store in the market shops in New Eden City.
  • Y2S4C8: Issues relating to 1.18 and a limited render distance have been resolved.
  • Y2S4C8: Snow plow crews have been working around the clock to clear roadways in New Eden City and Broadmoore
  • Y2S4C7: Copper shortage: mrunix fails to deliver! LEIGH&CO needs to purchase 200 blocks for Certified Organic construction.
  • Y2S4C7: New system for crafting XP bottles replaces the old one. Check LeighBoy for details. Price decreased from M500 to M100, but the Survivor must be Exalted with LEIGH&CO to craft.
  • Y2S4C7: Data continues to come in from satellites about the new territory, but until that process is complete, Dynmap will be a little spotty outside the old 20km border.
RockyRoads exploring >20km
  • Y2S4C6: RockyRoads becomes the first Survivor to explore the new world >20km.
  • Y2S4C6: LEIGH&CO reports that thanks to ongoing efforts the radiation levels on the planet are diminishing. An additional 972km2 of terrain now seems suitable for life.
  • Y2S4C6: Minecraft 1.18
  • Y2S4C3: Tab command now works across servers, and displays bank balance.

Old News

Service Problems

  • If you go to the end - and cannot see anything but black / blue - stop using shaders. There are known incompatibilities with some shader packs and protocol manipulations the server is doing.
  • 1.18 broke NPC sleeping, so NPCs were sleeping (such as in bed) will seem awake.

Notable Locations

Notable Groups

Wiki Information

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