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Skull Cove is a purported pirate colony founded in Y2S2 NESC under the leadership of Captain prenetic and other members of the Ye Olde Pipe Club. Skull Cove is said to be located about 6.4km west of New Eden City at the coordinates of -6418,92,817.

The denizens of Skull Cove, a loose collection of pirates, reapers, and reavers that ran a ground on the southern rocky shores at -6423,94,998. The good ship, Obra Dinn, was split in twain upon the rocks. The denizens of Skull cove took the remains of their beloved ship and repurposed her as a prime drinking spot near Crier's Court and named it _the shipwrek tavern.

The collective of pirates first began construction on the The Founding House and various public services for community members, including the Skull Cove Bath House to promote personal hygiene and the Skull Cove Lighthouse to prevent further mishaps on the rocky shores of Skull Cove.

Skull Cove Nether Portal Bombing

The bombed portal station

At some point in late Y2S3, the Skull Cove nether portal was bombed by mrunix as part of the Iso Pirate War. Field repairs were made to the portal station by LEIGH&CO technicians to restore it to service as quickly as possible.

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