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Slogan: Building Better Worlds

LEIGH&CO is an interplanetary corporation headquartered in New Eden City. As the sole supplier of advanced Technica in the Web Worlds, it oversees the manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of its products. LEIGH&CO was formed in Y0 NESC by the First Survivor of the Great Crash.


End Exploitation

Sometime in Y1 NESC after CaptainOHair vanquished the End Dragon, LEIGH&CO scientists and military specialists travelled to The End where they returned with a bounty of matériel, including two entire copies of End Ships. One of the ships, stripped of any useful technology, was donated to the Martin Field Museum and the other was disassembled in a secret LEIGH&CO facility. These End Ships ultimately provided the insight required for LEIGH&CO to produce the Repulsors necessary for their fleet of flying ships, allowing them to easily cement their position as the dominating power in force projection and forward logistics handling.

Services & Products



LEIGH&CO operates embassies and missions in various locations controlled by other groups throughout the Web Worlds. These embassies provide a variety of consular services, and often contain a Central Bank buy chest for diamonds. An embassy might contain a teleporter for rapid travel to New Eden City or a mercantile such as LEIGHMart.

Embassasies and smaller consulate missions are typically placed at the invitation of the host group. They are a sign of normalized (or normalizing) relations with LEIGH&CO and confer various benefits. They have the side-effect of encouraging migration to the areas where they exist, essentially, the spread of civilization and as a result areas with embassies can expect to see an influx of characters.

Embassy Locations

Embassy Crisis of 6.4km North

In Y2S2 NESC, LEIGH&CO opened an embassy location in a northern village, known only as "6.4km north", in de-facto but unrecognized control of the infamous Isolationist mrunix. Significant hostility and resentment ensued.

LEIGH&CO spokesperson Miguel Vector issued the off-the-cuff statement "Look, he didn't own the land. Nobody did. We moved in, same as him, same as anyone, and built a tasteful, modest building. We didn't even build inside the town. We built beside it. I mean, my god, this town didn't even have a name, just some number they came up with down in some sub-basement at LEIGH&CO GIS. The children in that town didn't even have a school. We gave the guy and all those poor natives he claims to be helping, when he is really just exploiting them for emeralds and enchants, a free teleporter after watching him walk back and forth to New Eden City overland for kms every day on Dynmap. Which we provide, by the way, Dynmap. Check it out. And teleporters. We sell those. Anyways, this is, as always, what we get for being good neighbors to Isos and trying to help disadvantaged children. Nothing but trouble".

This situation ultimately came to a head when the embassy ambassador and staff were evacuated by helicopter from the roof of the building, immediately prior to its self-destruction with a tactical terraforming device. This apparent victory over LEIGH&CO expansionism cemented mrunix as a folk hero in the annals of Isolationists and other so-called soverign citizens everywhere. Still critics of mrunix and the Isolationist movement could not help but observe that not long after this event, the town was all but abandoned by mrunix, and the natives left, once again, to fend for themselves.


Due to its role in creating and distributing advanced technological products and matériel, there have been a number of incidents involving loss of life and/or significant property damage.


LEIGH&CO has been described as a "sadoanarchistic corporation" which exploits its monopoly of force on the planet to gain advantage and further its own undisclosed agenda. LEIGH&CO has been repeatedly criticized by environmentalists for its relationship to the negative environmental impacts of resource exploitation, mining, deforestation, and distribution operations of exotic (and dangerous) materials, continued exploitation of interdimensional travel and spacetime manipulation.

It has been alleged by some critics that LEIGH&CO does not reveal the true nature of its ambitions nor the scope of its operations, resource mining, and especially, technological experimentation. It has been suggested that LEIGH&CO does not act in a forthcoming or transparent manner as relates to incidents, especially accidents, related to to the development and application of its technology.