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LEIGH&CO operates a Land Office in New Eden City, as well as satellite offices located throughout the web worlds, which sells property licenses to the public.

A benefit to land holders is that Colonists other than the named owner and any designated representatives will be prevented from placing and destroying blocks, as well as from operating items including chests.

The Land Office automated services facility may be contacted any time of day or night using a LeighBoy by entering the "/lc land" command.

As of Y2S3 NESC, the current price to purchase previously unclaimed land was M0.19/sq^m.


When land is owned, it automatically has certain protections. Only the owner (or their assigned representitives) can build or destroy blocks, or use and interact with chests, doors, buttons, and other machines.

There are several exceptions to the land protections:

  • Survivors can always place/take vehicles. So if you leave a mine cart laying around on a track, anybody can come and pick it up. This is in effect to avoid problems with the trains.
  • Survivors can sleep in any bed.
  • Warped buttons & pressure plates may always be interacted with by anybody.

Notable Events

Purchasing Land

To purchase a property, physically travel to the land you wish to buy.

Decide how large you want the parcel to be, in meters. All lots are square, so a 32 block lot will be 32x32, a 128 block lot will be 128x128, etc.

Enter the "/lc land buy" command with the size of the lot you wish to acquire. For example, "/lc land buy 32" to buy a 32x32 lot.

The command will provide the coordinates for the parcel. Verify using Dynmap or other means that the coordinates line up with your expectations for the lot. If you are ready to buy, re-enter the command with the "confirm" option, such as "/lc land buy 32 confirm".

Land Expiration

Previously sold plots are eligible to be reclaimed and/or sold at auction after 90 days of account inactivity by the owner.

Land Commands


  • /lc land buy #

Example: /lc land buy 32

- Valid lot sizes = 32, 64, 128

  • /lc land buy # confirm

Example: /lc land buy 32 confirm

Add member:

  • lc land member add landplotname survivorname

Example: /lc land member add ne-123 bob

Remove member:

  • /lc land member remove

Example: /lc land member remove playername