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Neweden skyline.png

Location: (139, 107 Dynmap)

New Eden City was the first city founded on the planet of New Eden and remains its defacto administrative, commercial, and cultural center. In these roles, it is the de-facto capital city of New Eden and the Web Worlds. It is located around the origin at 0,0 and is the largest city on the planet. New Eden City also contains the world spawn for new Colonists. The city was founded by the First Survivor in Y0S0 NESC.


Biker Bar

Location: (-83, 176 Dynmap)

Constructed in Y3S1 by mrunix the Biker Bar provides a chill, straightforward place for the blue-collar workers of New Eden City to relax. Located across the street from the Murderarium, it also has proven to be a popular watering hole for local gladiators looking to unwind and swap stories after a grueling match.


Location: (-118, 277 Dynmap)

Constructed by CaptainOHair as a gift to everyone who loves fun, the bunhause offers a unique experience. Within its colorful walls dwell a large quantity of rabbits, who will flee in a huge wave from visitors, their terror drawing delight and giggles as they are chased around the enclosure.

The Button

Location: (-83, 176 Dynmap)

"The Button" is a mysterious button located by the Diamond Clock in New Eden City. A simple oak sign above the button reads "What Is?". Pressing the button causes a well known effect. The duration of the effect depends roughly on the users intelligence.

Pressing the button and experiencing the well-known effect is a popular activity of newcomers and tourists to New Eden City. Although there is no official count, it is believed that not all Colonists experience the effect intentionally.

The origin of the button is unknown. The well known effect reminds of Technica, but the construction, placement, and overall operation of the button (especially that it is free) seems contrary to typical LEIGH&CO norms. Therefore, the Praxis Arcanum is not typically considered the source of the button.

Cecil Greymore, a local resident who lives across from the button and frequently observes the well known effect believes that Praxis Arcanum placed it there as a false flag operation as some kind of psychological experiment. Greymore thinks that LEIGH&CO is testing to see whether people will push the button, and what will happen when they experience the well-known effect. He believes LEIGH&CO is especially interested in how long the effect lasts for different users, given its correlation to intelligence.

When reached for comment, LEIGH&CO spokesperson Miguel Vector replied, "Come on, be serious. The button has been there forever. It's not even purple. It's even free. Why would we do something for free? The well-known effect is incredible. People would gladly pay admission for that. My kids do it on the weekend. Who wouldn't want to experience it? Our biggest regret is not coming up with it ourselves."

The Diamond Clock

Location: (-96, 178 Dynmap)

Although now largely forgotten and considered only a novelty, the Diamond Clock was produced during an era when all materials were organically produced. At this time, the clock was an oppulant gift to the people of the city and served as a gathering and meeting place.

Monument to Mining

Location: (-92, 50 Dynmap)

Constructed in Y0, the Monument to Mining is simply that, a monument symbolizing the tremendous work ethic and production of the mining community. It is located on the road that once lead to the portal of the Luckycat Mine, but the view has since been obstructed by expansion of the train station.

Pawn Shop

Location: (-60, 183 Dynmap)

Constructed in Y3S1 by mrunix, the pawn shop and payday savings and loan offers dubious products and predatory interest rates to any survivor foolish - or simply unlucky - enough to require those sorts of services.

Poison Shoppe

Location: (-95, 112 Dynmap)

Tucked away in the woods on the wrong side of the tracks, the Poison Shoppe deals in all manner of unregulated and dangerous potions with typically harmful and unpleasant effects.

Potion Shop

Location: (234, 120 Dynmap)

Unsurprisingly, the Potion Shop sells a number of curative, protective, and restorative potions. The shop is easy to find due to the large lit potion sign mounted on the roof, which has become something of a local landmark around the city. It is also famous for mrunix's inability to remember where it is. For customers who are interested in a more... harmful product, they should visit the Poison Shoppe instead.

Deckard Building

Location: (140, 138 Dynmap)

The Deckard building is a six-story commercial building built in a contemporary style. It is currently unoccupied and looking for a tenant.

Martin Field Museum

Location: (12, 39 Dynmap)

Constructed in Y0 by xtonx723, the Martin Field Museum houses culturally important relics of the New Eden civilizations.

Rival Brewpub

Location: (207, 189 Dynmap)

Originally constructed as a nameless brewing facility by Y0S3 by xtonx723 for use as a brewery to supply beer and spirits to the people of New Eden. However, construction dragged on for an extended period of time, prompting LEIGH&CO to construct the Rival Brewery across the street (hence the name). Upon seeing this a fit of emotion overcame xtonx723 and set the brewery alight. City fire crews rushed to the scene but were unable to save the structure which was substantially damaged. Upon hearing of this arson, LEIGH&CO seized the lot and salvaged the wreck of the building. It was expanded upon and became the Rival Brewpub, and since that time has faithfully been serving New Eden inhabitants with spirits, beer, and hot chocolate. History buffs will note that the original brewing barrels as constructed by xtonx723 can be seen in the rear of the structure with a commemorative plaque.

Rival Brewing

Location: (207, 189 Dynmap)

"Spirited beverages for spirited individuals"

Located across the street from the Rival Brewpub, the brewery is the commercial facility which produces Rival products, including spirits, beer, and hot chocolate. The brewery was constructed in Y0S3 after xtonx723 failed to construct a brewery in reasonable time. The brewery facility actually consists of two structures; the distillery as well as an aging warehouse containing racks of barrels for producing beer and other aged spirits such as whisky. The brewery is famed for containing barrels made out of every conceivable wooden material, which allow the brewery to produce products with unique flavor profiles and restorative properties.

The brewery is normally closed to the public, however it does contain a public recycling station that allows Survivors to dispose of excess glass bottles who in turn receive a deposit fee in return.


New Eden City Teahouse

Location: (269, 432 Dynmap)

Construction on the teahouse started in Y0S3 NESC. As such, it is one of the oldest Survivor-built structures on New Eden. The teahouse was primarily constructed by the_wee. The teahouse grounds encompass a relatively large area, 0.8192 hectares, and include manicured trees and gardens, as well as two lakes.

The teahouse itself is primarily constructed of red wool and spruce, as was typical of buildings from that period. The main teahouse is divided by glass partitions into three rooms and contains a shrine devoted to New Eden City families who were prominent at the time of construction. To the back of the teahouse are a rock garden and two gazebos suited to meditation or private ceremony. To the front of the building is a large reflecting pond with a small island holding a japanese cherry blossom tree which is in perpetual bloom.

Although once a serene and isolated location, and rife with dangerous monsters, the growth of the city has enveloped the teahouse, and today unfortunately the skyline is intruded upon by the Rival Brewing tower, the Ag Tower, and the Logistics Terminal, among others.

The teahouse is served by a stop on the Green Line.

Wee's Bakery

Location: (81, 164 Dynmap)

Originally constructed in Y0 by the_wee and now operated by CaptainOHair, Wee's Bakery is the only bakery in the city, and also the city's oldest food merchant.

Wee's Fine Art Museum

Location: (52, 62 Dynmap)

Constructed by the_wee in Y2S1 as a gift to the people of the city, the fine art museum showcases works by a variety of artists.

Other Landmarks

The Great Tessellation

In Y2S2, the Land Office converted to a new standard grid reference for lots. As a result of this process, unowned, open areas of New Eden City were converted to the new system. For areas that were previously owned, lots were adjusted to conform to the new standard system as much as possible, with deference given to existing lots, builds, and the overall layout of the city. This became known as the Great Tessellation.