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xtonx723 was an architect prior to the Great Crash, and since surviving, has continued to ply his trade in designing Great Works. As a true auteur he is noted for being a stickler for thematic consistency in his builds, and has been known to rather an abandon a build than compromise on his artistic vision, or allow it to be compromised by neighboring structures.

Although a brilliant architect noted for his attention to detail and innovative use of materials, he was accustomed to working for a large firm in his pre-exodus days while pursuing artistic projects for wealthy patrons. Now, in the new harsh reality of New Eden, he has sometimes struggled with the logistics and supply side of his builds, as he considers manual resource gathering and transportation to be needless distractions.

Xtonx723 is an outspoken moderate Isolationist who believes that New Eden would be better off if LEIGH&CO did not have a monopoly on force and Technica. Despite this, LEIGH&CO continues to engage his services. LEIGH&CO spokesperson Miguel Vector went on the record as saying "Sure the guy says some stuff, but he builds cool things, and he gives me discounted drinks at Quantum".

Notable Works