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Isolationists (known as "Isos") are a disporic group of Survivors who, essentially, took a look at all the good works and bounty of technology that LEIGH&CO provides, turned their back on civilization and progress, and walked into the wilds to do their own thing. As individualists they can be hard to characterize as a group, but, stereotypically, Isolationists are disinclined to engage with LEIGH&CO or commerce as a whole and only do so reluctantly, begrudging their own sentiment that they have no choice and have been forced into the situation.

Depending on their individual outlook, an Iso might or might not be opposed to Technica. Those that are, the so-called back-to-land or returner movements, eschew the use of Technica and prefer to work the land with their own hands, content with that bounty which it naturally provides. Other Isos have no problem embracing Technica and believe that power should be free to all, pointing out that LEIGH&CO holds a monopoly on Technica Arcanum.

When asked about the Isolationist ideology and whether their numbers have been increasing in the web worlds, LEIGH&CO spokesperson Miguel Vector issued the terse statement "Let them go. Let them be Kings and Queens of their piles of dirt and cobblestone and their ugly holes in the ground. They'll be back. They always come back, sooner or later."

Debate over Terminology

"Isolationist" and its abbreviated slang "Iso" is the official LEIGH&CO cultural affairs term for this group. In keeping with their disparate nature, some Isos are comfortable with this term and self-apply it willingly. Others are neutral or hostile towards it and prefer "Free Person", or the "Free People of New Eden". Some believe that "Iso" is a slur, applied by corpos to degrade them and to imply that they are apart, or less-than, other Survivors who are more willing to embrace LEIGH&CO.


Notable Isolationists