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The Central Bank oversees the creation, distribution, and overall health of the Marble economy. Originally positioned as in independent entity, it was eventually to become an open secret that the Central Bank was in fact just a wholly owned concern of the LEIGH&CO corporation, which was artificially manipulating the economy through a process it would later describe as "technical material generation".

At some point during Y1 NESC the signs claiming that the Central Bank was an independent concern were removed from branch offices. When reached for a comment, spokesperson Miguel Vector issued the off the record remark, "Look, lets be real, the rich never noticed or cared, because they were rich, and the poor never had a say anyways".

Diamond Standard

The Central Bank maintains what is known as the "Diamond Standard", which is the primary and only official injection of Marbles into the New Eden economy. The Diamond Standard is a standing offer by the Central Bank to purchase any and all diamonds, at any volume, for M160 each. This ensures a constant and stable supply of Marbles is available, and, ensures that no Survivor can reasonably buy diamonds for less than M160, essentially setting a value floor and ultimately fixing the price.

Since diamonds are a non-renewable material that are only attainable to a Survivor through non-technical means, namely mining, this also essentially fixes a standard labor/time/value/marble relationship. Given this relationship, it is possible to deduce a price for most other goods, based on their time/cost to produce.


LeighBoy Commands

The Central Bank is integrated with the LeighBoy communications device.

  • To access your bank balance, use the /balance command.
  • To give money to someone, use the /give command.