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The New Eden Train Network is a inter-dimensional railway provided by LEIGH&CO at no charge for the benefit of all Colonists. The system consists of both overworld and nether train routes. Train routes are installed to locations typically for free on a request basis, or simply due to the ever-present expansionist policies of LEIGH&CO.

Most train lines consist of a pair of tracks, one for each direction. Outgoing (forward) travel occurs on the right track. Although some older train lines may actually work in both directions, more modern installations only work in the "correct" direction.

It is considered very bad form and a social ill when minecarts are left on the track. Please, pickup your mine carts.

Station Operation

mk1 & mk2

mk1 & mk2 stations operate on a similar principal, and consist of a hole in the ground through which the tracks run. To depart from one of these stations, place a mine cart into the hole on the slope opposite the direction of intended travel, nudge the minecart forward slightly by pressing <FORWARD>, and then <INTERACT> with the button adjacent to the rails. This should launch you in the correct direction.


mk3 stations utilized Technica Arcanum resulting in a higher quality of service. These stations are characterized by the rails passing over an obsidian block. With this design the obsidian block replaces the "hole" from the previous generations. Place the minecart on the rail located on the obsidian and then press the adjacent button to launch the cart. The minecart will always travel in the correct direction.

Purple Line (West to East)

The purple line is the longest and oldest train line on New Eden. It is an overworld line. The purple line was originally created to serve customers between New Eden City and Oceanside, which at the time was separated by hostile territory. This allowed access to the sea and docks.

  • Research Camp LC/20 (Alight here for Nightmare) (-19900, 84 Dynmap)
  • mrunix Mining Camp (-17453, 81 Dynmap)
  • Hattori Village (-7039, 86 Dynmap)
  • Edge (-6375, 83 Dynmap)
  • Lava Falls (Alight here for Nightmare) (-4858, -249 Dynmap)
  • Rajworld (-4019, -231 Dynmap)
  • Canyon (-2165, 135 Dynmap)
  • 1.6km West Village (-1659, 135 Dynmap)
  • 1km West Station (-745, 137 Dynmap)
  • M&M Station (-537, 135 Dynmap)
  • Boundry (Alight here for Orange) (-467, 132 Dynmap)
  • Stadium (-206, 135 Dynmap)
  • New Eden City (Alight here for Orange, Green, Yellow, Nightmare, Terror) (86, 142 Dynmap)
  • Oceanside (306, 132 Dynmap)
  • World Tree (328, -56 Dynmap)
  • Spruce (Alight here for New Eden City Bypass) (327, -199 Dynmap)
  • Sealab (469, -196 Dynmap)
  • Eastshore (783, -110 Dynmap)
  • Werks (1279, -14 Dynmap)
  • The Loop (Alight here for Undersea Tunnel Line) (1321, 161 Dynmap)
  • Quarry (1324, 481 Dynmap)
  • Eastville (1651, 678 Dynmap)
  • Iceberg (3346, 672 Dynmap)
  • 4km East (4157, 679 Dynmap)
  • 5km East (4779, 675 Dynmap)
  • Panda (5055, 678 Dynmap)
  • Freight East (8153, 517 Dynmap)

Green Line (North to South)

New Eden City Bypass

The New Eden City Bypass runs north, connecting the green line to the purple line and bypassing the metro area. This line is frequented by hypocritical ISOs who are willing to take the train but are loath to step foot in the cradle of civilization. They frequently can be found trying to explain the merits of socialism to girls on last-years LEIGHBOY with a cracked screen they have not bothered, or simply cannot afford, to have repaired.

Nightmare Line (West to East)

The nightmare line is located in The Nether and is denoted with red symbology.

  • Research Camp LC/20 (Alight here for Purple)
  • Antioch Jungle
  • Skull Cove
  • Lava Falls (Alight here for Purple))
  • New Eden City
  • 8km East
  • 16km East
  • Nightmare Forest
  • Raven's Reach

Terror Line (North to South)

The terror line is located in The Nether and is denoted with yellow symbology.

  • Nikkiville
  • Segova's Folley
  • End Island
  • New Eden City
  • Waterdeep
  • 8km South
  • Ocean Monument