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A smug maritime salvage consultant

The Ye Olde Pipe Club is a group who emerged in New Eden in Y2S2 NESC. Their home base is Skull Cove. Little is known about the group, or their ideology. Since their arrival rumors have been spreading that they are pirates. Others say that they are the Cult of the Skull.

In Y2S2 NESC Hairy Air offered to open a teleporter route between Skull Cove and New Eden City, but that proposal was promptly rejected with a resounding and immediate "no", proceeded by a "we like trains".

Legal Troubles

In late Y2S3, members of the Ye Olde Pipe Club, and the organization itself, was found guilty in New Eden City Circuit Court of crimes against LEIGH&CO. Docket #2-001.

“Frankly, I am humbled to be able to stand before you today and report that, once again, mass surveillance efforts and the ever watchful eye and overwhelming power of LEIGH&CO::FORCE has brought justice to our land. Today is about a story you can tell your children, and it is a story that is as old as humanity itself. It's the story of the greed of the criminal mind.

When criminals get a taste of ill gotten spoils, it is almost as if they cannot help themselves. They start off small. Some planks here and there, some wool. Maybe a horse. But soon they are high on crime, feeling invulnerable, and the next thing you know, they are sitting around drinking Rival Vodka, or in this case probably Grog, and thinking to themselves, "Let's steal from a God King". Mothers and fathers out there in the audience today, tell your children, do not steal from Gods. Steal from people who are not going to catch you, or can't do anything about it when they do, or are generally not gods.

Well today I announce that we have caught the pirates, the criminals we always knew them to be, and that the New Eden Circuit Court has found them guilty on all counts of thefts and racketeering. That only their assets were seized and distributed to victims, considering the available alternatives, has once again shown us the benevolence of the The First Survivor. May he live forever. Which he almost certainly will".

-- Miguel Vector, Y2S3 Press Conference


Notable Members