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Welcome to New Eden. This Minecraft-based server network provides a relatively unique RPG environment where players are encouraged to contribute to the ongoing development of the game. They can do this through the creation of builds, writing lore entries and stories on this wiki, creating characters, writing quests, or simply playing the game and contributing by producing and consuming goods in the economy, playing quests, killing monsters, etc.

All content in New Eden is optional. If a player wishes to play vanilla survival, they can and we support that.

"New Eden" represents an in-game fictional universe, which is documented and expanded by the lore in this wiki. It is not a requirement that any player role-play or act in any particular manner as a result of this, although those that want to, are welcome to. This universe building is provided simply to provide a frame for builds, backstories, and for the players that enjoy that kind of thing.

The real-world purpose of the NEMN is to create a long-term archival environment for builds. It is our commitment to maintain and operate these servers essentially in perpetuity. Therefore, in terms of mods, enhancements, and overall operation of the servers, the only acceptable course is that which will continue to allow the game to be sustained and upgraded in the future for the benefit of all players. So you will not see some of the radical (and interesting in their own right) mod packs which are available in other places. There will never be a "reset".

The oldest server, "neweden", was started in 9/2019.


Java Edition

Connecting with the Minecraft Java Edition is the most straightforward. Simply add a new server connection in Minecraft for the hostname "". That's it.

Bedrock Edition

New Eden also works on Bedrock edition at the hostname "". The player account used must be a Microsoft account (not a Mojang account) and this account needs to also own the Java edition.

On consoles, Sony and Nintendo, etc, only allows Bedrock users to connect to "approved" servers. Due to their limitations, the solution is somewhat technical. You can work around their gatekeeping by arranging for one of the Microsoft "approved" servers hostnames to instead resolve to New Eden's IP address.

To accomplish this, somehow arrange for one of the following hostnames to resolve to This can be done by configuring a custom DNS server such as a PiHole, etc. On Windows, this can also be accomplished by creating an entry in the system hosts file. Once you have changed the IP for an approved server, you can connect to it in Bedrock, and if all goes well, you will be connected to New Eden instead of the approved server.

  • The Hive uses
  • Lifeboat uses
  • mineplex uses
  • cubecraft uses
  • mineville uses

Bedrock support is somewhat experimental and there may be issues, but so far overall it seems to work well. So far it has been tested working with:

  • Windows 10
  • PS5
  • Apple IOS (iPad)


Another alternative if you cannot change your DNS for some reason is to use any computer on your network (broadcast domain) to run the BedrockConnect Java application. This will setup a fake Minecraft server that you can use to get a "local server" listing that actually forwards you to the New Eden network. The project can be found at

The instructions are essentially:

		"name": "New Eden",
		"iconUrl": "",
		"address": "",
		"port": 19132
  • Run the program with java -jar BedrockConnect-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar custom_servers=servers.json nodb=true
  • On the device (Windows, console, etc) you should now see a "local realm" that you can connect to. It will provide a forward to New Eden.

Player Conduct

The servers exist, ultimately, to sustain builds by individual players and groups, but it is our desire to facilitate as many playstyles as possible. We recognize that not everyone wants to play the game the same way, and not everyone enjoys the same things, which is exactly the point of a sandbox environment. For example, players who simply want to build without limitation and would really rather just play creative, can find that in The Dream and various avenues for getting those build into the survival worlds. Players are not required to engage with the land claim or economy systems.

The law of the land is essentially that there is no law of the land. PVP, theft, booby traps, and whatever else you can get away with, is "legal". Server glitching is legal, if you can get away with it, which is to say, if you don't get caught. A good way to get caught is to disrupt the TPS of the server which will draw the attention of LEIGH&CO faster than anything. Another good way to get caught is to disrupt the economy, which will have the Central Bank asking a lot of questions.

This is not to suggest that griefing, harassment, ganking, and generally anti-social behavior is tolerated. It is not tolerated. It is simply that whenever possible our players will find in-game solutions to in-game problems, and indeed quite a few tools exist for players to not only protect themselves from harm but to actively seek terrible revenge. The reality is griefers will discover there is very little incentive or capacity for them to act out in an anti-social manner over the long haul.

Online Web-Based Maps

See the Dynmap article for more information and URLs.

Land Ownership

The New Eden servers feature a land ownership system to protect from griefing and for other purposes. For details of how this works, visit the Land Office article.


The New Eden servers feature an economy system and quickshops, which is detailed on the Central Bank and Shops pages. The unit of currency on the server is the Marble. Unlike regular items, marbles on deposit with the Central Bank are totally safe, and cannot be stolen or lost, even by death. Marbles can be transferred between players wishing to engage in private transactions.