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The members of the Dragon Cult believe that the End Dragon is God and worthy of the utmost reverence and worship. It is through supplication that Great Form that a true path to understanding and immortality can be realized for the pure of heart and strong of faith.

The Great Restoration

Since the Slaying of the End Dragon by the Hero captainohair, the Dragon Cultists have prophesied the eventual return of the dragon and have worked steadily towards its restoration. Although hamstrung by the fact that the Dragon Egg is out of their possession, un-named sources have reported hearing dragon shrieks and the terrible flapping of wings at night in the woods near the Dragon Keep. Multilated sheep and cows show up on a regular basis, but these events are easily dismissed as local Zombie activity by the Cult.

Sacred Artifacts

The most sacred artifact to the Dragon Cult is the End Dragon Egg. This egg was dropped by the End Dragon when it was, according to the cultists, "Violently slaughtered while minding its own business in an entirely other plane of existance, threatening absolutely nobody".

The egg fell into the posession of CaptainOHair who claimed it as the rightful owner. It is currently on permament loan to the greater people of New Eden and is on display in New Eden City. The Dragon Cultists attempted to broker a sale through LEIGH&CO for this, their revered object, and, that which some believe is instrumental in restoring the Dragon.

When approached with the information that the egg was of the upmost sacred importance to the Dragon Cult, and that they would like to purchase it, CaptainOHair simply replied, "sucks for them".

Notable Members


The central base for the Dragon Cultists is Dragon Cult Keep, located just the NW of New Eden City. It is accessible on foot, from the NETN purple line, or via the Lucky Cat Mine. They also operate an impressive church in New Eden City.

The Dragon Cult maintains diamond donation boxes located throughout the Web Worlds. They encourage you to donate often, as their dark work will not be complete until the Dragon is restored.