Raven's Reach

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Location: (16528, -5050 Dynmap)

Raven's Reach is an exclusive community founded by the Isolationist xtonx723 about 18km east of New Eden City. The town is noted for its dreary oppressive atmosphere, near-constant rain, and equally oppressive zoning ordinances to preserve "the unique character of the community".

The 130 plus kilos of muscle known around the central district as Tank was already halfway through a bowl of salmon udon at the noodle bar across from the Land Office when Xtonx showed up, late as usual. "Man this place, I can't even. You know, I remember when to get from New Eden City to Ocean Shores you had to carry a sword. Now you need to carry your money".

Tank nodded to the empty chair beside him at the bar, and drank a little of the broth. In the distance they heard the strange backwards bass rumble that signaled another ship jumping in, like thunder that didn't know what to do with itself. Xtonx sighed and sat down next to Tank, shaking his head.

"You know he's building another building. Another one. What does he need another building for? He's literally transcended stuff and things. He has no material needs. But he wants us to know it, and another gaudy purple building is how he's going to tell us".

Tank slurped at his noodles. Xtonx waited for his friend to reply, but as usual, nothing was forthcoming. "We've got to get out of here. It's at least 20km to the rad belt. And nobody even knows if that is true, it's just what they tell us. To keep us here. Don't go anywhere, they say. Your skin will boil off, they say. What's out there? For all we know it just goes on forever. Out there, away from this, we can find a home. Do our own thing."

Tank dropped the empty bowl on the counter, and not a moment went by before Chef Ikeda had replaced it with a new bowl. They had been coming here for a year now, and Ikeda had heard this same story play out a hundred times. Xtonx would talk at Tank, about how they had to leave the only thing that was, and be free. And Tank would go through three bowls of noodles. Four if he was having a bad day.

Today was going to be different. Xtonx dropped a leather bag on the counter. A handful of gold ingots and a diamond spilled onto the counter. Tank looked up from his Udon. "Where'd you get that?" he asked.

"From my new friend" Xtonx replied, scooping the gold back into the bag.

"This friend of yours, he still alive?"

"They tell me he will make a full recovery".

Tank stirred the noodles as a transport rolled overhead, the shadow turning day to night for an instant. "Did your friend happen to say where he got those diamonds?" Tank asked. "They say a picture is worth a thousand words" Xtonx said, and he laid out a map on the counter. There wasn't much blood on it.

"How far?"

"18. Give or take. Sonya's going. I already talked to her."

"What's there?"

"Not this. You in? It's not going to be easy. But my new friend said it was like back home. You remember the trees, the mist. Rain." Xtonx replied. Tank did remember, if you could call it that, the swirl from cryo and the crash, a half remembered life on another planet, on the northwest reach of the north continent. He slid the bowl forward, waved his LeighBoy to pay. Nodded at Ikeda. Tank stood up and picked up his diamond bastard sword propped against the wall. "Let's go" he said.

- Excerpt from the Book of Melancholy, Vol1, pp34-35

Things to See

Getting There

The NETN currently services Raven's Reach via the Nether line. There is no overland service at this time. Additionally, Hairy Air provides a teleporter service from New Eden City to Raven's Reach for M400 each way. The teleporter in New Eden City is located in New Eden Grand Central.