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How do I connect?

With Java minecraft on Mac, Windows, Linux, connect to "neweden.leigh-co.com". No permission, whitelist, discord, application, etc required, that's it. Just connect and play.

With Bedrock minecraft (including mobile, PlayStation, XBox, Switch) it is possible to connect, but it is more complicated. See the New Eden Minecraft Network article for more details.

What kind of game is this?

New Eden is a Minecraft-based server which provides a relatively unique improv-based cyber-punk space-wizard survival we're-not-really-sure RPG environment where players are encouraged to contribute to the ongoing development of the game.

The basic plot is basically this: "A colony ship was enroute to some planet, when it crashed on this one instead. Emerging from the wreckage, the survivors have had to content with surviving in this strange and unforgiving land".

The most important two things about New Eden are All Playstyles Are Valid and We Never Reset.

Players can opt to contribute, which is not required, through the creation of builds, writing lore entries and stories on this wiki, creating characters, writing quests, or simply playing the game and contributing by producing and consuming goods in the economy, playing quests, killing monsters, etc. This is in contrast to other servers where only admins or a very select group of individuals provide "official" content. We consider everything on the server to be canon and have made suitable accommodations in the story to allow that to be the case.

Playstyles (or: Help! What should I do once I login?)

How you play New Eden is entirely up to you. We can offer some suggestions based on the type of player you think you are:

Builder/Farmer/Technical Player

You love to build? Great. We love builders! The fastest and simplest thing to do is go to any unowned bit of land, optionally purchase some, and begin building to your hearts content. Dynmap will show you where the owned & unowned land is as well as let you get a feel for the overall territory. If you want to gather all your own materials, that's great, otherwise be aware that many players and the admins sell materials using the in game currency (not real money).

You can go anywhere you want, but we recommend you build somewhat close to one of the existing overland train lines just for conveniences sake.

It is possible to acquire a lot in New Eden City to build as well. If you think city life is the way to go, contact one of the admins.

RPG / PVE Combat

The quest chains start at the crash site where players first spawn in. Talk to the greeter or other NPCs in that area to begin, and follow the quest chains as far as you like. Note that this content is currently in development.

Additionally the quests provide the fastest path to gaining the reputation necessary to acquire tier weapons and armor, that allow the player to engage with the higher, end-game monsters and content.

While you are working on becoming a hero (or villain) of the server, you may also want to build yourself a suitable lair, if nothing else, to store your wealth and provide a good nights rest. Existing properties are also available for purchase.

Vanilla Survival Religious Fundamentalist

Yeah, we get it. Sometimes limitations are their own reward. Vanilla play is fully supported on the server. Head immediately unoccupied land as far from New Eden City as you care to manage, and start building like it's a vanilla survival server, and generally just do whatever you want.

The least travelled areas are diagonals, with southwest currently being the least occupied sector of all. This is due to the trains running EW and NS.

Ignore the wiki, extended features, quests, and everything else like it doesn't exist. Say rude things about the admins, and about how we should all get off your lawn, and how the only real materials are the ones you dig out of the ground with your own bare hands.

There is a group known as the Returners which share your beliefs, and they are working actively to overthrow LEIGH&CO, the admins.

Have never played minecraft before! Help!

We suggest starting with the quests at the crash site as they provide basic familiarity with the game. Ultimately you will probably want to either build or purchase a home somewhere, to store belongings and get a good nights rest.


Do you love to write? We love to read. Consider flushing out the wiki with expanded articles and lore entries. It's basically just improv - take what's there as prompts, and run with it. Anyone can edit the wiki, and an account is not required, although we recommend creating one.

This is a hassle, I just want to play creative

We hear you. Working for a living sounds a lot like work. Make your way to the Leigh-Co HQ building in New Eden City. There you will find a virtual reality floor. We offer two flavors of creative, known as the dream, one with a flat world, and another with regular terrain. Enter the dream of your choice and, if you wish, never come back to the "real world".

Is the server free?

The server is, and always will be, free. There are no micro-transactions or "play-to-win" in any capacity. We don't want your money, we want your creativity.

Is the server public?

The server is public and you are welcome to tell your friends, but we have not "released". Although the server is in its third year the content is still under development so you could say that the game is still in beta. A full public release is intended for Fall of 2022. Players should understand that changes are constantly being made to the game to improve the experience, particularly with regards to the quest chains and tier content.

What is LEIGH&CO?

Put simply, LEIGH&CO is the admins. In other words, the LEIGH&CO corporation is the in-game, lore-based reason to explain the presence and actions of the admins.

So when you are interacting with LEIGH&CO employees, or buying/selling to LEIGH&CO stores, you are interacting with the admins. If you have moral objection to this, simply do not engage with LEIGH&CO. If you have a moral objection to this and still want to play the quests, consider joining the Returners, who hate cheater commands as much as you do.

A player will never get in trouble for criticizing LEIGH&CO, any individual admin, or the enterprise of providing land claims, an economy and central bank, and admin item shops. In fact if these are your sentiments, we encourage your expression.

We refer to vanilla builds that were used without benefits of "cheats" as organic builds. There are a number on the server, including the famous New Eden City Teahouse, although the largest and most impressive to date is undoubtably The Tree, which took over two years to complete by hand without the benefit of flying.

How old is the server?

This server was started from scratch on 9/11/2019 on a couch in Bellingham, Washington. The date is just a coincidence.

Do you reset/erase content?

It is typical on a lot of servers to periodically erase the world so that users have to start over from scratch. No. We do not - have never - and will never - reset content. It is our philosophy that many great builds are lost to resets, and that it really serves no purpose we recognize.

If a player or group of players want to "start over", all they have to do is find a new area, and start building again from scratch. If the temptation to use resources from an old build proves too great, contact an admin and you can donate the land to the game, which will preserve it.

There have been a couple of instances where abandoned property impeded the progress of another active build for one reason or another. In these cases, rather than erase the abandoned builds, we took the time to move them to other places on the server so that they can still be enjoyed, and are still available if their original owners ever return.

Server Features

What's the jist of it?

Things that separate us from vanilla survival are:

Is there an economy?

Yes, there is an economy based on a diamond standard whose currency is the Marble. Store chests are available which allow players to buy and sell items for any prices they choose. An online shops website tracks the current location and prices of shops throughout New Eden.

Can you I own land? Are there claims?

Yes, you can own land, but this is optional. Anyone can build on un-owned land. However, just like a multiplayer survival server without lots or claims, no protection against griefing other than what the player makes for themselves (hiding the base, traps) is provided on un-owned land.

Land can be purchased through self-service commands using the in-game currency of marbles. Each player starts with M1,000 when they log in for the first time. At current prices, this is enough money to buy 5,000 square meters of land. There is no limit to the amount of land someone can own.

Owning land protects you from being griefed. For additional money, lifetime monster protection can be enabled, which rids you of having to worry about monsters.

After 90 days of player inactivity, we reserve the right to repossess a land claim, but to date this has only happened in rare cases, and the builds in question were relocated rather than erased.

Is there a world border?

Yes. the main world, new eden planet, there is currently a 20km border. Other worlds like the moon and the end are smaller. These borders may shift over time for various reasons, including new versions of Minecraft coming out.

How do you handle new versions of Minecraft coming out?

Some networks approach this situation by resetting (erasing) the world when a new version comes out, or, by creating a new server (a new world) with the new version and allowing players to pick which server they want to play on, typically via some kind of a lobby. We do not do that. Instead, the world border is expanded when new versions come out, so that a new "band" or "ring" is created for that new version. Sort of like a tree, growing ever larger with each passing season.

Do you have Dynmap?

Yes, we have Dynmap.

Where can I find your special commands?

Commands that are unique to New Eden (so, not normal minecraft commands) are documented in the LeighBoy article.

Help! I got stuck somewhere, what do I do?

Run the /kill command.

Player Conduct

Is PVP allowed?

Yes, PVP is allowed in most areas. If you do not want PVP to be possible in your build, it can be prevented on property you own.

Are glitch machines allowed?

Glitch machines are redstone contraptions which abuse game mechanics in order to "artificially" create items through abnormal means.

Glitch machines are not prohibited, if you can get away with it. Our primary concern is TPS - the health of the server. Players can do whatever they want as long as it does not impact the health of the server or cause service problems for other players.

There is no regulation against people manipulating the economy by producing items with machines, glitch or otherwise, and therefore abnormally lowering the price. That's just good business.

Is griefing/theft allowed?

Yes, griefing/theft are allowed. If you do not want this to happen to you, you can easily and affordably purchase a land claim that will prevent other players from griefing you.