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The LeighBoy is an advanced communication, tracking, and marketing device issued by LEIGH&CO to all surviving Survivors of the Great Crash. The currently issued device is the LeighBoy 1.17,1, which, according to LEIGH&CO contains numerous vague enhancements over the previous releases, including, possibly, a 12.772% reduced chance of death and/or rash during use.

The LeighBoy facilitates communications with the LEIGH&CO constellation of services, and provides an excellent vehicle for LEIGH&CO to provide advertising to the survivor, which cannot be disabled.

To begin using the LeighBoy, enter "/" on the keyboard.


If you have grown tired of your name, or simply don't feel like it fits in with your new life on New Eden, don't worry. A LEIGH&CO representitive can re-name you without you having to make any changes to your Minecraft account or other servers. Setting your name is free. Inquire within.

Personal Teleporter

The LeighBoy offers the capability to teleport the Survivor home (a location specified in advance). The price to enable this feature is M1,000,000. This includes setting the initial home location. The fee to change the home location later is M250,000. Inquire within.

XP Bottles

The Survivor can use their LeighBoy to bottle their XP for later use or for sale. To do this, use the "/lc xp craft <amount>" command. Amount can be any integer. There is a M100 charge for the bottling service. To see the XP you have available, use the "/lc xp display" command. To craft XP bottles the Survivor must be Exalted with LEIGH&CO.


The LeighBoy offers a number of features.

  • /balance : Display your current Central Bank balance.
  • /compass : Display compass bearing.
  • /getpos : Print your current position.
  • /kill : Commit suicide.
  • /lc land : See Land Office.
  • /lc xp : See XP Bottle.
  • /pay : Send money to another Survivor.
  • /mail : Receive & send mail (offline messages).
  • /near <radius> : List Survivors who are nearby.
  • /seen <survivor> : Print when the survivor was last online.

Resurrection Technica

The LeighBoy contains Technica Arcanum which transmits the consciousness and memories of the user to LEIGH&CO upon death. When this occurs, another body is provided by LEIGH&CO and the consciousness imprint of the user is uploaded to that body, which is then placed in the user's last place of rest by LEIGH&CO technicians.

Early versions of the technica resulted in the loss of all items upon death, as the resurrection could only restore the body. However, mk2 resurrection retains the Survivor's inventory upon resurrection. However, the technica is not perfect, and damageable items take 55% damage, but never break.

OpenGL Errors

Some advanced users of the LeighBoy may receive OpenGL errors in the console. If this occurs, but things otherwise seem normal, the errors can be disabled by going into Options -> Video Settings -> Other and disabling "Show OpenGL errors".