Our Creed

To cooperatively pursue community, nature, art, and technology,
to discover the capability of our intellect, creativity, and endurance,
and in so doing, better know ourselves and the world.

Who We Are

LEIGH&CO is an invitation-only non-profit social organization devoted to individual learning and growth through shared resources and collaboration.

Get to know us by meeting a member.

Email info@leigh-co.com for more information.

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Shop 13

LEIGH&CO operates a maker space located in Fall City, WA. Shop 13 provides a light industrial working area as well as machines and tools for member projects.

  • CNC (Shapeoko 5 Pro 4'x4' VFD)
  • FDM
  • SLA
  • Welding (MIG/TIG)
  • Metal fabrication fixture tables and tools
  • Electronics Bench Equipment, Solder/Desolder
  • Cable Fabrication


The Global Data Network provides a server and network environment for technology professionals to learn and deliver non-commercial projects in a real-world working environment.

  • Server Co-location & Cloud Hosting (VMs, Storage)
  • SD-WAN with BGP-peering, IPv6
  • VOIP With PSTN Trunking
  • E-Mail Exchanger
  • PKI w/ PIV-card Support
  • LTO Robot, Off-Site Backups


Photography and ceramics are active pursuits for many members.

  • 24" GiclĂ©e Printer
  • Color Display Calibrator
  • DJI 4k Drone
  • Skutt KM-1227-3 Ceramics Kiln
  • Member Project: TagISU

Outpost 167

Located in northeastern Arizona, Outpost 167 is a 40-acre off-grid recreational area and technology proving ground.

  • Bortle 1 Dark Site, Ideal For Astronomy
  • 6500' Elevation
  • Relentless UV
  • Lows -20 Highs +100


LEIGH&CO operates a Minecraft server which is open to the general public. The server is SMP and supports a diverse range of interests and play-styles. Vanilla clients are supported.